8 Auto Maker Recommendation For Protecting Your Cars Finish

Regular washing is the best way to preserve your cars finish.

Read them for yourself. Almost every modern automotive maker,
foreign or domestic, states in its owner’s manual that regular
care of your car’s finish is important. Regular washing and the use
of quality clear coat protectants will greatly increase the quality
of your car’s finish and help maintain its resale value!

What do the top 8 Auto Makers have to say
about your car`s finish?



The best way to preserve your vehicle`s finish is to keep
it clean by washing it often. Occasional waxing or mild
polishing of your vehicle may be necessary to remove
residue from the paint finish.


“Frequent washing helps preserve your car’s beauty.
You should wax your car… when water sits on the
surface in large patches.”


“Polish your vehicle frequently. Polishing will remove
harmful deposits from your vehicle’s surfaces…”


“Wash your vehicle regularly…It is recommended
that the vehicle is polished regularly…”


“As a precaution against damage
resulting from long-term exposure to aggressive
substances, we recommend that you wash the
car weekly…”


“The best method of protecting your car from the
damaging effects of the environment is frequent
washing and application of a preservative.”


“The best way to preserve your vehicle’s finish
is to keep it clean by washing it often…”


“Wash your vehicle frequently. Polishing and
waxing is recommended…”


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