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Car Wash – Elkhart’s Best

Car wash is open:

Local Nappanee Car Wash Hours

Our car washing professionals and our car wash system work hard, so we can not be open 24/7.

Below are John Auto Spa’s car wash hours of operation.

  • *Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm
  • *Sat: 8am – 5pm
  • *Sun: 9am – 3pm {weather permitting}

This is no ordinary car wash!

Give your vehicle the clean it deserves in 4 minutes or less!

Located at 2000 Market Street, Nappanee, Indiana 46550

John’s Auto Spa delivers a service which has rendered it the titles of “Best Car Wash” and “Favorite Car Wash” of Elkhart County’s for 3 consecutive years.

2014 The Truth Elkhart County Best Car Wash 2014 The Truth Elkhart County Best Car Wash 2014 The Truth Elkhart County Best Car Wash

*Inclement Weather: During periods of inclement weather, our washes may close so please call prior to visiting one of our locations.

(574) 773 – 7741

Lowest Car Wash Prices

There is four levels of a car wash.

Each level is discounted when you get an oil change at John’s Oil Spa.

At John’s Auto Spa we offered them all using Lammscloth Technology.

Hurricane Wash$13.00

This level is the most complete car wash you can get anywhere in Northern Indiana.

The Hurricane Wash includes:

  • Weather Shield Protection
  • Premium Wheel Polish with Anti-Rust Protection
  • Super Shine Tire Dressing
  • Anti-Rust Under Body Blast
  • Clear Coat Sealant
  • Triple Coat Wax
  • Power Dry


Ultimate Wash$11.00

Understandably so, this level is our most popular during the summer.

The Ultimate Car Wash includes:

  • Clear Coat Sealant
  • Anti-Rust Under Body Blast
  • Triple Coat Wax
  • Brake Dust Cleaner
  • Power Dry


Super Wash$9.00

  • Clear Coat Sealant
  • Under Body Blast
  • Power Dry


Express Wash$7.00

  • Basic Wash
  • Power Dry


Save Big Money With a Pre-Paid Wash Card!!

  • Buy 4 car washes get one free
  • Buy 7 car washes get 3 free

Free Car Wash with Every Oil change - johns auto spa

Car Wash Automatic Hand Cleansing Process

The patented Auto Hand Wash process simulates a hand wash automatically with super-soft Lammscloth synthetic fiber.

Lammscloth™ was designed for cleaning vehicles deeply without dulling or damaging paint finishes or clear coats.

Lammscloth works like hundreds of hand mitts, slowly covering the vehicle with the proper amount of soap and water, while thoroughly cleaning your vehicle with a gentle motion.

This motion actually polishes as it cleans.

Lube Wash Options:

  • Express Wash – Free
  • Super Wash – $6
  • Ultimate Wash $8
  • Hurricane Was – $10


Below are detailed descriptions of any cash wash service offering you might be unfamiliar with:

  • Weather Shield Protection

This helps create a barrier for your paint from harmful elements encountered while on the road.

Best of all, it will help your windshield to NOT streak!

  • Premium Wheel Polish with Anti-Rust Protection

This is especially nice if you have invested in an upgrade for your vehicles tires.

  • Super Shine Tire Dressing

It would look silly having glowing rims and ordinary tires.

Our tire dressing adds that extra shine protection went the rubber meets the road.

  • Anti-Rust Under Body Blast

This is a high pressure rinse that helps remove debris from the undercarriage.

Ultimately, an under body blast helps prevent rusty.

  • Clear Coat Sealant

This enhances the vehicles natural shine and helps promote the longevity of cleanliness.

  • Triple Coat Wax

This is not the some as a manual car wax. However, it is the closest you’ll get to one if you are pressed for time.

Applying car wax, also know as paint sealant regularly will extend the life and beauty of your vehicle’s paint finish.

  • Power Dry

This help ensure your vehicle is free from droplets and soap bubbles after going through the automated car washing stages.

  • Brake Dust Cleaner

If you allow brake dust to sit on your wheels for a prolonged period of time, it can eat into the coating (if there is one) and pit the metal.


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    October 3, 2017 @ 3:12 pm

    do you guys do a monthly car pass subscription.? if so is it tied to a particular vehicle and what is the cost ?


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