Northern Indiana’s 1st Lammscloth™ Car Wash

Northern Indiana’s 1st Lammscloth™ Car Wash

John's Auto Spa - Lammscloth in Northern Indiana - Michiana

In a joint controlled experiment conducted by NS Wash Systems, the manufacturer of innovative car wash solutions — like Lammscloth™, and DuPont, a world leading vehicle paint manufacturer, designed a test to measure the long term effect of vehicle washing on paint finishes.

The result — astonishing.

NS Wash Systems - Authorized Car Wash Detailer Northern IndianaCar wash systems using Lammscloth™ have a 106% higher shine performance over both traditional cloth and nylon bristles wash material.

Plus, it is eco-friendly.  This is why John’s Auto Spa is proud to be the 1st car wash in Northern Indiana to invest in the Lammscloth™ system for its patrons.


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