Nappanee Car Wash Fundraiser Program

Why Our Car Wash Fundraiser Program

Are you a local non-profit Event Coordinator?

If so, you know the feeling of stress that comes along with organizing, staffing, and collecting funds for your not for profit organization each year.

And, as an individual, you also know the inconvenience of having some cute kid knock on your door selling magazine subscriptions, candy, cookies, popcorn, wrapping paper, and all that other stuff you really don’t want or need?

Of course, kids are cute.


And, you have a big heart

So you buy their junk.

Now, image that some kid was selling discount coupon for the best car wash in Elkhart County.

Welcome to the next big thing.


car wash fundraiser in Nappanee - Elkhart county Fundraiser

Everyone has a car and EVERY car deserves a Lammscloth car wash!

However, a typical non-profit organization fund raiser requires timing, staffing, and if it is a car wash — no rain.

John Auto Spa fund-raising program eliminates all of those things.

Johns Auto Spa Car Wash Fundraiser Program

No shipping, products to buy, or order to take!

Our Car Wash fundraiser is ideal for:

  • Non-Profit Organizations,
  • Schools,
  • Youth Groups,
  • Athletic Teams,
  • Civic Groups,
  • Charitable Organizations, and
  • Churches.

Does My Organization Qualify For The Car Wash Fundraiser?

All 501c(3) organization, and their booster programs qualify for the John’s Auto Spa Community Car Wash Fundraiser Program.

However, individuals and businesses classified as “For Profit” that are not afilliated with one of the aforementioned categories of organizations, are not eligible to participate.

How Much Can We Make?

The more tickets you sell the more you earn.

Look at the estimates below, and you will see how you can really “CLEAN UP“!

How much can you make at a carwash fundraiser

Car Wash Fundraiser Program Restrictions:

  • Car wash certificate may NOT be sold below the retail price printed on the vouchers
  • Car wash certificate may NOT be sold on the premises of John’s Auto Spa
  • Participation by any approved organization will be limited to one month per calendar year.

To get your Elkhart or Kosciusko County non-profit organization started with a community Car Wash Fundraiser turn to John’s Auto Spa in Nappanee, Indiana for answers.

Carwash Fundraising Guide


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