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Nappanee Car Wash Fundraiser Program

Why Our Car Wash Fundraiser Program Are you a local non-profit Event Coordinator? If so, you know the feeling of stress that comes along with organizing, staffing, and collecting funds for your not for profit organization each year. And, as an individual, you also know the inconvenience of having some cute kid knock on your […]

Johns Auto Spa Hand Car Wash Soap and Wash

Car Wash – Elkhart’s Best

Car wash is open: Our car washing professionals and our car wash system work hard, so we can not be open 24/7. Below are John Auto Spa’s car wash hours of operation. *Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm *Sat: 8am – 5pm *Sun: 9am – 3pm {weather permitting} This is no ordinary car wash! Give […]

Northern Indiana’s 1st Lammscloth™ Car Wash

Northern Indiana’s 1st Lammscloth™ Car Wash In a joint controlled experiment conducted by NS Wash Systems, the manufacturer of innovative car wash solutions — like Lammscloth™, and DuPont, a world leading vehicle paint manufacturer, designed a test to measure the long term effect of vehicle washing on paint finishes. The result — astonishing. Car wash […]