Oil & Lube Services

Coolant Flush Services Are Important

Here at John’s Auto Spa we love vehicles. And, as a result we view coolant flushes as an essential part of car maintenance. In fact, did you know that the #1 cause of highway breakdowns are due to cooling system failure? Checking and properly maintaining your cooling system can prevent problems before they leave you […]

Aquapel Glass Treatment

Aquapel Glass Treatment Price – $19.99   When you are driving there is simply no alternative for clear visibility. Regardless of how great of a driver you are, the act of driving is inherently a dangerous experience. Regardless of the driving conditions you also want to equip your vehicle with the best visibility tools and […]

Vehicle Bulb Replacement

If you live in Nappanee, Indiana there are two ways a burnt out headlight or other vehicle bulb replacement happens. Replacing your vehicle’s burn out bulb The first, and most common is you visit one of the local auto stores. In Nappanee there are several good options. You look up the vehicle bulb’s replacement number […]

Premier Oil Change | Express Lube Services

Our Premier Oil Change and Express Lube Services Hours of Operation: Please note that our car wash, express lube services department have different hours. If you are not sure about when we are open, please feel free to call us. Mon-Fri: 8am – 6pm Sat: 8am – 2pm John’s Auto Spa’s – Oil Service Bays […]

Tire Rotation Service

$20 Why is it important to have a tire rotation? Tires may wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle, your driving style and the condition of your suspension. Regularly rotating your tires can evenly distribute their wear-helping you get the most miles out of your tires while maximizing traction on all four wheels. […]